The experiment - a new way for innovators in the tech sector and government to work together, grow B.C.’s economy, and make services for British Columbians better.

What's in it for me?


Make code, get paid.

Are you a coder? Government agencies in B.C. want your skills. Find work posted in GitHub labelled with ‘$1000’. Submit the best code, and you can get paid.

Code for your community

Give back to your community. Work on BCDevExchange projects and help make government services in British Columbia better for everyone.

More code, less paperwork

Instead of a long RFP, we offer work at a fixed price. Using GitHub and PayPal we are testing a faster way to code together with less paperwork.

APIs and code you can use

Looking to hone your coding skills? Or build the next big app? Explore APIs and code shared by government agencies in B.C.


Earn a reference customer.

On the hunt for new business? Earn a reference from a B.C. government agency. Then sell your solution to the international market.

Government Partners

Meet government innovators exploring new ways to develop tech. Understand their business, from pain points to tech stack, and start the conversation.

APIs and code you can use

You see the market opportunity, we provide raw ingredients. Explore APIs and code from government that can help seed your business.

Leverage open IP

Whenever possible, the code and APIs you find on the BCDevExchange use open source licenses, so you can add value and take your solution to market.

Public Sector

Get the best tech talent and ideas

The BCDevExchange is making it easier for government agencies to tap into the B.C. tech sector’s talent and innovative ideas, and grow the economy too.

Get Agile.

Looking for a better way to do IT? The BCDevExchange is experimenting with more agile, iterative, and collaborative development. Lower your risk, and innovate faster.

More code, less paperwork

Do you have a capacity crunch? The BCDevExchange is piloting a new way to engage skilled developers. Post work for a fixed price ($1000) and pay to get the best code.

The Experiment

The BCDevExchange connects government innovators with B.C.’s tech sector. Help us test, validate and refine the idea.


Cityscape photo adapted from Foggy Vancouver from West Vancouver by GoToVan. Used under license (CC BY 2.0)

Developers photo adapted from image by Used under license (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Entrepreneur photo adapted from The DEMO Conference by DEMO-Rentalroost-3673. Used under license (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)