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We're a supportive community enabling the government in British Columbia, Canada to deliver better digital services.
Exchange Lab
Want to create capability in your organization to deliver digital services? We help B.C. government organizations assemble digital delivery teams. At the Exchange Lab, we host teams in residence where we support them in a positive, collaborative environment. 14+ Digital delivery teams got their start here Learn More
COVID-19 Update
We're ready to welcome you back to the Lab!
DevOps Platform
Still deploying apps the hard way? Our DevOps platform enables digital delivery teams in the B.C. government to develop and deploy their applications quickly, securely, and at scale. 100+ Apps running on the platform Learn More
Want to 'be more agile,' but not sure how? We can help you understand and adopt new approaches to teamwork and technology like Agile, Scrum, and DevOps. You might even have some fun while you're at it! 1400+ People from across the B.C. government have taken part in training and learning events we've hosted Explore Courses and Events

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The BCDevExchange is helping the BC Public Service deliver on government's digital transformation. Learn more at Digital.gov.bc.ca