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Ari Hershberg, Community Practice Lead

The Exchange Podcast

Ari Hershberg talks with members of the digital government community.

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Stephanie Peter and Dea De Jarisco
Episode 3 • August 13, 2020
Face-to-Face with Racism

Stephanie Peter, Indigenous Initiatives Lead and Dea De Jarisco, Digital Talent Lead connect after the Face-to-Face with Racism webinar and share stories from the aftermath and theme from the webinar in a conversation.

Spencer Tickner
Episode 2 • June 11, 2020
How Agile Can Work in Government

Spencer Tickner, Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer at the Ministry of Education, shares stories about being a product owner and explains Agile in a way that's easy to grasp.

Todd Wilson
Episode 1 • May 14, 2020
Introducing Change in Government

Former Director of Technology Solutions at the BCDevExchange, Todd Wilson, shares about the struggles and rewards of creating the BCDevExchange and trying to introduce change in the government.

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