We enable B.C. government digital delivery teams to fully control the deployment of their applications.
OpenShift Container Platform On premise within the Kamloops Data Center, the B.C. government has a deployment of OpenShift, a hybrid cloud enterprise Kubernetes platform. The platform enables developers to develop and deploy applications quickly, securely, and at scale. We provide access and support for using the platform. Learn More
Who can use the platform? We host B.C. government projects that meet the following criteria:

Executive Sponsorship

Your executive understands what is required to support continuous service improvement and is committed to resourcing your project so that it can be continuously maintained and improved even after it's been built.

Open Source

Your project is based on open source code, with custom code hosted in BCGov GitHub organization repositories.

Dedicated Agile Teams

Your project will be supported by a team that follows an agile methodology, with explicit roles such as DevOps specialist, Scrum Master and Product Owner — ideally with one or more of these roles filled by dedicated staff.


Your team is committed to participate in and contribute to the B.C. government's open development community.

How do we get access to the platform? If you meet the criteria above, we’d love to hear from you! It all starts with a project provisioning request. Request Access
Tools for Developers We've also created the DevHub — an application that brings together common resources needed by developers to build B.C. government applications. Visit the DevHub