We accelerate B.C. government digital delivery teams at our collaborative work space - the Exchange Lab.

What happens at the Lab?

Teams in residence are trained in Agile mindset and methods, and supported to use modern DevOps processes and technology.

Openly sharing their progress and struggles on a regular basis, teams help each other improve their practices and solve problems.

Incrementally delivering a digital product and testing it with end users every few weeks, teams release a minimum viable product within a year.

Upon graduation from the Lab, teams return to their home organization where they continue improving their product and spawn new digital delivery teams through modeling and mentorship.


Not every teams's journey is the same, but given what we've seen when the right conditions are in place, here's what you can expect when you invest in a Lab residency:

After 1 month

Program areas have formed a team and aligned their organizaton to support Agile delivery.

After 2 months

Teams clarify the problem they are trying to solve.

After 3 months

Teams are prototyping ideas and engaging with users to learn what is most important to them.

After 4 months

Teams have released a real digital product (considered an alpha product) to users and built trust in their organization that they are making solid progress. They can communicate their “velocity” and have high trust and productivity.

After 6 months

Teams have refined the product by getting feedback directly from users. They start coaching other teams and offering solutions back to the community.

After 8 months

Teams are ready to release a beta product to the public. They have solid infrastructure and technical excellence so that they can quickly respond to changing requirements or unexpected issues. Vendor team mates coach new public service talent that will remain on the team.

After a year

Teams are ready to graduate! The product is ready for a live status and ongoing improvements in a stable production environment. The home organization is capable of supporting the ongoing productivity of the team, with new problems to solve.

While in residence at the Exchange Lab, your team will benefit from:

A Place to Call Home Insulated from the status quo operations of your home organization, your team will have a dedicated room where they can focus and sprint towards their goal.
Training & Coaching We will facilitate formal training for your team, help them make connections with other community members, and help bring your organization along for the journey.
Experts on Tap Your team will have access to experts who can offer guidance in Service Design, Privacy and Security, Behavioural Insights, Integrated Data, and Social Media.
Platform Services Your team will get access to and support to use a suite of DevOps tools, including a hybrid-cloud container platform, so they can fully control the development and deployment of their product.
Community Surrounded by other teams who are striving to improve their practices and products, your team will be encouraged and supported as they learn.

How do we get in?

If you’re interested in sponsoring a team for a year-long residency at the Lab, please email us at ExchangeLab@gov.bc.ca

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We host virtual tours every second Wednesday.

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