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We're helping B.C. public servants understand and adopt new approaches to teamwork and technology.


Agile Fundamentals

What being Agile is all about from a mindset, cultural and practical perspective, with the practical methodology worked through as Scrum.

OpenShift 101: LAB

This is the lab component of OpenShift 101/

Digital Leadership

This course is designed for leaders who are Band 3 and above and are responsible for high performing Agile Teams.

OpenShift 101

This training session will cover DevOps platform training (application operational tasks).


Take a walk on the Agile side: Tour of BC Gov's Exchange Lab

The Exchange Lab is a creative space where multi-disciplinary teams of public servants can learn new ways of working using technology as an enabler to build a modern public service.Save your spot and come on down for a quick online tour to meet the teams hard at work enhancing services for citizens!Using Eventbrite is easy and self-serve - you can manage your spot (register, un register) all at the touch of a button. Would you like to learn more about the BCDevExchange at the Exchange Lab and the teams? Follow us on LinkedIn, and if you are internal to the government on the @Work Page

Experts in Residence

Experts in Residence was created to help you find the advice you need.

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